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Tree Fungal control

By having your trees checked annually, the technicians at Jim's Treewright will be able to employ techniques to protect them from fungal growth, disease, and pest and insect invasions. Healthy trees have a fuller, greener look and feel and add to the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Don't forget that a large part of a tree's life takes place underground. If you fear that your trees' roots are threatening your property, specifically your septic tank, call us right away.

With flexible appointments available all year, you'll always have access to expert tree care service when you need it. Call today for more information about how we can keep your trees healthy and schedule your next appointment.

Rely on our qualified tree care professionals:


Protect Your Plant Life from Fungus and Pests

Invasive root removal

Comprehensive tree care

Convenient appointment scheduling

Maximize the Health

of Your Plants and Trees